destination wedding photographerCouple-Photos in San DiegoSan Diego, California

As a destination wedding photographer I have the luck, to photograph at the most epic places on earth from time to time. I’ve met with Klaudia and Stefan to La Jolla Beach, where they own a house and spend their free time with surfing. They are a Austrian couple who live in California for some years. As we walk down to the beach we have a nice conversation about the Californian way of live and the differences between Austria and the USA.

As we were arrived at the beach, we’ve catched a beautiful sunset. The beach was like a mirror – something I’ve never seen before in my life. My couple hasn’t had any problems with getting their feets wet, so we could do some stuff in the water. I guess both enjoyed the time as much as I did.

My wife and I spent some more days in San Diego, California afterwards. Great city, great beaches, great food.

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